Test tube, 17x100, 16ml volume
These taller tubes are excellent in applications where larger volumes are needed with a 17mm diameter. The tubes are graduated up to 15ml in 1ml increments. The two position caps are available and are sold separately.

The tubes are available in two materials:

A clear plastic which is as clear a glass.

A translucent plastic which is chemically resistant, autoclavable and virtually unbreakable.

Length = 100mm
Diameter = 17mm
Volume = 16ml

Available Caps:
Two position 17mm Caps

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17 x 100mm Tubes (caps sold seperately)
These test tubes are sold by the box of 1,000 tubes. The tubes are packed in two bags of 500 tubes each.
Catalog# Description Material Tubes/Catalog# Pack Price
2440 17x100mm test tubes Polystyrene 1,000 Bulk US$ 57.00
2442 17x100mm test tubes Polypropylene 1,000 Bulk US$ 57.00
17 x 100mm Tubes and Caps, Sterilized
These are the same 117x100mm tubes as listed above and they are packaged with the Catalog number 2455 two position caps attached in sealed bags of 25. The sealed bags are then sterilized using gamma radiation and packed in cases of 500 tubes and caps (20 sealed bags of tubes and caps). The polystyrene tubes are clear and the polypropylene tubes are natural color.
Catalog# Description Material Tubes/Catalog# Pack Price
2472 17x100mm test tubes Polystyrene 500 Sterile US$ 86.00
2476 17x100mm test tubes Polypropylene 500 Sterile US$ 86.00