12x75mm Test Tubes
Our test tubes are used in a wide range of laboratory preparation, analysis and storage. Tubes are bulk packaged in 4 zip lock bags of 250 tubes. The tubes are also available in a tray pack which consists of 4 carboard sliding trays of 250 tubes each. The nominal volume of the tubes is 5 ml. The caps are sold separately and are available in three configurations.

The tubes are available in two materials:

A clear plastic which is as clear as glass.

A translucent plastic which is chemically resistant, autoclavable and virtually unbreakable. The polypropylene tubes are available in many colors for easy identification and sorting.

Length = 75mm
Diameter = 12mm
Volume = 5ml

Available Caps:
Push-in Plug Caps
Two Position Caps
Flanged Caps

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12 x 75mm Tubes (caps sold seperately)
These test tubes are sold by the box of 1,000 tubes. The bulk pack tubes are packed in 4 ziplock bags inside a cardboard box. The tray pack tubes are packaged in 4 cardboard slide trays of 250 tubes per tray.
Catalog# Description Material Color Pack Tubes/Catalog# Price
2320 12x75mm tubes Polystyrene Clear Bulk 1,000 US$ 29.00
2322 12x75mm tubes Polystyrene Clear Tray 1,000 US$ 36.50
2330 12x75mm tubes Polypropylene Natural Bulk 1,000 US$ 29.00
2331 12x75mm tubes Polypropylene Blue Bulk 1,000 US$ 29.00
2332 12x75mm tubes Polypropylene Green Bulk 1,000 US$ 29.00
2333 12x75mm tubes Polypropylene Yellow Bulk 1,000 US$ 29.00
2334 12x75mm tubes Polypropylene Red Bulk 1,000 US$ 29.00
2360 12x75mm tubes Polypropylene Natural Tray 1,000 US$ 35.50