Plug cap for 16mm diameter tubes
The caps for the 16x100mm test tubes are push in, polyethylene plug caps. They are liquid tight and have sealing ribs to assure ease of inserting, removing and resealing. The caps are not autoclavable. These caps are supplied in a plastic bag of 1,000.

This is a dense and plyable material which
seals well. The colors are strong and easily
identifiable. The caps are not autoclavable.

Length = 17.4mm
Diameter = 14.6mm
Finger Grip Diameter = 16.2mm

Tubes to fit these caps:
16x100mm tubes

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Plug cap for 16mm diameter tubes
The caps fit the 16x100mm tube. The caps are made from polyethylene and are packed in plastic bags of 1,000 caps.
Catalog# Description Color Caps/Catalog# Price
2430 16mm Plug Caps White 1,000 US$ 24.50
2431 16mm Plug Caps Blue 1,000 US$ 24.50